Friday, March 23, 2007

Top Ten Reason to Play This Game

Kill Ten Rats' forums have a thread asking people what the number one feature would be in a MMORPG (And of course, people don't limit themselves to one feature). So I thought I'd go ahead and tell the world what the top reasons for playing the thoughts of a roleplayer game would be.

1- Class-less, with a realistic skill system, allowing for a wide diversity of characters.
2- Customized crafting system, allowing players to decide exactly what they want to create.
3- A large, ever-changing world to explore or shape to your will.
4- Realistic everything, from combat and crafting to stealth and NPC creatures' lives.
5- Plenty of interesting non-combat activities, including trade skill games and other mini-games.
6- Grind-less combat advancement through the increased challenge and decreased number of opponents.
7- Non-static magic system, allowing for players to create their own spells from lists of acquired magical knowledge.
8- Advanced golem crafting, supplementing the already numerous ways of acquiring companions.
9- Complete guild system, allowing for a guild to have the advantage of both a small, friendly guild and a large corporation.
10- And finally, no monthly fee!
Ok, that last one might just be over-wishful thinking. Besides, monthly fees help keeping griefers away; you don't want griefers to create a hundred hotmail-backed accounts

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Tholal said...

I agree with your entire list!