Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Play to be Challenged

I think the biggest problems in MMORPGs today are that they aren't designed, from the start, to challenge players, but rather to give them means to gain more power. For players like me, this is wrong; I don't want to be told I'll gain new power if I kill three dozens more of those orcs. I want the game to show me a scenario, and to tell me "Ok, this is what you know, now find a way to win this." This can be achieved with reasonably truly random enemies, challenging battles or crafting games which use the players' skills.

Players like me (And I know there's a whole underdeveloped market to be exploited for our demographic) want a game where the story happens all the time; a game where 'monotony' means 'only three new enemies to wipe today'; a game where stuff actually happens, which might scare proponents of static dungeons, but would represent a seven-leagues-boots lunar-gravity leap forward for those of us for whom the bragging right of being the first to complete static dungeon #176 for the metric umpteenth time doesn't portray a perfect world.

In my unloved demographic view, a game has to have actual unpredictable elements to be considered a game, otherwise, it's just a player-paced story, revolving around yet another hero in a world of heroes.

Aaaand that's all the ramblings you will get from this weblog. I'll be back to writing insightful and revolutionary ideas next time, I promise.

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