Friday, February 02, 2007

Mini Games

What really spices up a good game is sometimes the things you don't suspect; for example, mini games, which you can play when you're not out adventuring. I'm not talking about chess and poker, though those can add a nice touch as well, but rather lesser tasks to which you can give some attention, and which offer small rewards for small risks. Single-player RPGs are notorious for having things you can do, which basically only offer some fun-factor, and I think it's high time that this concept is included in MMORPGs as well.

Just imagine a game of tag in a dark room, with stealthy rogues and teleporting, illusion-weaving mages. Or maybe hide-and-seek, or a game of finding hidden treasures. Games which offer a decent challenge, can be played by more than one person and are simply fun aren't that hard to create, and with a good attention given to preventing cheating, it would help greatly in overcoming the stress of the adventuring life (and give something else to do when in town than just checking the auction house again =P ).

With mini games to spice up meaty adventuring and, huh, vegetably crafting, a MMORPG would be able to retain a large portion of otherwise uninterested gamers, all for the working time of some bored programmers and artists. If they really cared about the players, they'd give us our capture-the-flag and hide-and-seek!

One can hope...

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