Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Teaching System

I've previously touched the concept of teaching in a MMORPG, but after some time, I realized that system was quite troublesome. Suffice it to say that I had to think of a new system to replace the broken system; and what better way, of course, than as a mini game?

Without defining exactly what the game would be, I envision that it is something that should involve both the teacher and the student(s). Students have to listen or practice what is being taught and, should they fail, it would be the teacher's job to bring them back in line. The teacher has to both watch students and teach his class, so that a good teacher would teach the same class faster (and possibly charge more) than a beginner one.

So teaching becomes in line with other trade skills, having its own mini game; it's simply that the game must involve more than one person. I think this is much better than having a system where you don't know if the teacher will be present the whole time you're away...

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