Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Webcomic Characters

People who know me know that I'm a webcomic freak. So I thought, why not mix this with the MMORPG fanaticism? I know you all wonder what your (read: my) favorite webcomic characters would be like in the game, so here's what I think.

From 8-bit theater:

(Characters are post-upgrade)
Slashing, Piercing, Blocking
Athletics, Dodge, Mounting, Engineering, 2 unknowns (The guy doesn't do much besides fight, it seems).

Red Mage
Slashing, Magery, Healing
Elementalism, Blocking, Leadership, Tactics, Mounting, Arcane Lore
(As well as whatever strikes his fancy)

Thief (aka ninja)
Sneak, Dodge, Throwing
Pick Locks, Acrobatics, Blocking, Piercing, Unarmed, Mounting

Black Mage
Magery, Sorcery, Arcane Lore
Elementalism, Necromancy, Demonology, Demolition, Piercing, Illusionism

White Mage
Healing, Holy, Blunt
First Aid, Biology, Arcane Lore,
Protection, Defence, Teaching

The now twice defunct Black Belt
Unarmed, Blocking, Blunt
Dodge, Acrobatics, Athletics, 2 unknowns

What about Dominic Deegan?

Illusionism, Arcane Lore, Magery
Sorcery, Healing, Teaching, Scroll Writing, Enchanting, Alchemy, Fishing

Sorcery, Magery, Arcane Lore
Healing, Holy, Illusionism, Teaching, Protection, Cooking

Holy, Healing, Protection
Defence, Arcane Lore, Biology, Nature Magic, 2 unknowns

Sneak, Acrobatics, Fishing
Dodge, Piercing, Exploration, Demolition, Dancing, Sleeping

Perhaps Bruno the Bandit?

Slashing, Athletics, Sneak
Dodge, Blocking, Piercing, Trapping, Mounting, Dancing

Ho, and why not The Gods of Arr-Kelaan?

Chemistry, Cooking, Holy
Tactics, Leadership, Magery, Biology, Sorcery, Illusionism

Everyone's favorite Girl Genius

A Spark (none in particular)
Engineering, Smithing, Golem Crafting
Chemistry, 5 depending on the person

The Order of the Stick!

Slashing, Blunt, Blocking
Athletics, Unarmed, Smithing, Dodge, Mounting, Animal Taming

Sneak, Archery, Pick Locks
Dodge, Acrobatics, Dancing, Trapping, Piercing, Tactics

Music, Piercing, Illusionism
Sorcery, Dancing, Blocking, Dodge, Acrobatics, Sneak

Holy, Blunt, Blocking
Healing, Mining, Smithing, Protection, Defence, Dodge

Magery, Arcane Lore, Elementalism
Sorcery, Illusionism, Alchemy, Scroll Writing, Golem Crafting, Enchanting

Piercing, Sneak, Dodge
Acrobatics, Throwing, Bone Carving, Tactics, Exploration, Cooking
(And a total absence of any tracking skills)


Holy, Healing, Leadership
Tactics, Teaching, Throwing, Piercing, Protection, Biology

Big Ears
Slashing, Defence, Blocking
Protection, Piercing, Holy, Dodge, Blunt, Athletics

Slashing, Dodge, Acrobatics
Blocking, Athletics, Sneak, Tactics, Leadership, Unarmed

Senor Vorpal Kickass'o (aka Fumbles)
All skills, with minimum knowledge in all
(That was the easiest one by far)

Complains of Names
Slashing, Athletics, Blocking
Dodge, Acrobatics, Cooking, Tracking, Herbalism, Biology

And finally, I can't forget Dungeons and Denizens

Blunt, Athletics, Slashing
Smithing, Stone Carving, Wood Crafting, First Aid, Cooking, Tactics

Those I didn't mention, from lack of space:
8-bit theater: Sarda, Princess Sara, the Dark Warriors
Dominic Deegan: Gregory, Miranda, as well as a large cast of Villains
The Order of the Stick: The linear guild, Xykon, Red Cloak, Miko, Lord Shojo, and probably a few others
The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: A large number of gods, and perhaps a few mortals of some importance
Goblins: Minmax, Forgath, The fortune teller, Dies horribly

While I know most of you skipped over all the boring details, I hope at least I showed you a few webcomics you'll remember to bookmark.

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