Monday, January 29, 2007

The Melee Fighter

After having established the role of a tank, realistic combat and real stealth, all that is left is to explain how a fighter manages the different aspects of fighting in melee. What I envision here is a concept, perhaps somewhat complex, of emphasizing certain aspects of combat to best suit the situation.

Available to melee fighters would be some scrollers allowing them to choose how much of any action to allocate to the fight. Those scrollers would let them choose the power of attacks, the amount of defence, the zone of control for defending spell casters and such, as well as the speed of attacks. Choosing a high attack and good speed, with no defence or zone of control, would be equivalent to fighting as a berserker. High defence and zone of control means you expect the spell casters, ranged attackers and the rest of the melee fighters to deal the damage. Other scrollers could become available with skills, for example feints, taunts, controlling allies or casting melee-based spells.

With the use of those scrollers come specializations in melee fighting. Tanks would be those who are good at maintaining zones of control, defending themselves and others, and perhaps using taunts. Rogues use stealth and quick, weak attacks. Versatile fighters can be decent at everything, as long as they know how to set their scrollers for optimal performances.

So now, after seeing custom spells, you have custom melee fighting. Stances are good, but they're better when you get to make your own, aren't they?

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