Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The One-Man Army

With the possibility to create golems, to tame animals and to summon undeads, demons and elementals, one has to wonder what are the limits as to what one can order. While it is possible to control more than one type of creature, there are some things to take into consideration before attempting to invade presumably evil creatures with an ill-assorted army of followers.

First and foremost, there are limits to the numbers one can raise in every category, and these limits also overlay between categories. For example, one cannot summon demons unless they have the willpower to control them, and no one can summon elementals unless they have the power to keep them active. As for undeads, they may require both; the willpower to keep them enslaved, and the magical power to keep them active. Golems will require both the technical know-how of how to keep them up, and sometimes the magical power to keep them active. As for animal companions, the master needs to have the magnetism to keep them charmed, which translates into skills of animal taming and leadership.

But there are other considerations as well; you cannot simply have the maximum amount of everything and hope they work well together. Animals, for example, could be scared to death of mechanical golems, undeads, demons, and perhaps fire elementals, while being relatively accepting of magical creatures that do not seem immediately destructive, like magical golems and nicer elementals. Golems, if not trained properly, could interpret other companions as threats, and treat them accordingly. And you don't want to know the effect of placing dried-up corpses near mountains of pure thermal energy.

So while, yes, it is possible to mix many types of followers and slaves, it's not possible to use nearly all of one's capacities in every domain at once; and the choices you make at any time will reflect the things you can do with your commanding capacities. Choose the undeads and demons, and you'll have a hard time against Holy magic. Animals aren't too good against metal-kind, while magical golems and elementals are susceptible to dispelling.

So yes, it's possible to know lots of way to have followers, but in the end, as with everything else, you're better to pick a speciality and stick to it.

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