Friday, July 13, 2007

Elemental Damage

It's one of my pet peeves, something that always irks me when playing fantasy video games; that casting a big rock at the enemy deals earth damage. Or piercing the enemy with an icicle is ice damage. Or that you put some fire on your sword and suddenly it starts healing the fire elemental.

You don't see it that much in MMORPGs, but it's still there. There is no such thing as earth damage. That big rock deals blunt damage. And that icicle? Yeah, it's cold and all, but the cold won't kill the opponent; the piercing will.

Please, developers, stop thinking in numbers once in a while, and see the logic behind reasonable damage types.

That is all.


Jens said...

Hello Hex/Fate. Just dropped by and checked your blog. Played your ball game at Kongregate but got stuck at level 24, hehe.


// jeb (Khaile)

Hexedian said...

Hey Jeb/Khaile! Hope you liked both, and feel free to comment ^^

Jens said...

Yup, it's very interesting! It was Miklotov that pointed it out for me. I guess I'll check your thoughts about stuff when we work on Daria :)

Tholal said...

An 'Ice Lance' spell could be both physical and icy damage. A fireball would definitely be mostly flame damage.

Jens said...

... or heat damage. "The burning oil sticks to your clothes, causing you severe agony as the skin dries and flakes off."

You don't need "elemental" damage.

Hexedian said...

Technically, elemental damage is good for creatures that have low or high natural resistance to certain things, for example reptiles and cold, or elementals and their elements.

I doubt burning oil would hurt a fire elemental much (But then it's your game, so who are we to tell you how to program it?)

Jens said...

Well.. uhm, yeah :)