Monday, December 11, 2006

Fun with Templates

Now that we have the whole skill maze, we can start making classes, can't we? Then let's go crazy! (This chapter won't be at the final exam, feel free to skim through it)

How it works :
Name of the class : 3 primary skills
6 secondary skills

Warrior : Slashing, Dodge, Blunt
Mounting, Piercing, Bone Crafting, Leather Working, Unarmed, Throwing

Fighter : Piercing, Blocking, Dodge
Slashing, Blunt, Archery, Acrobatics, Smithing, First Aid

Paladin : Slashing, Defence, Healing
Blunt, Blocking, Protection, Leadership, Smithing, Mounting

Ranger : Archery, Tracking, Dodge
Slashing, Acrobatics, Leather Working, Sneak, Trapping, Cooking

Thief : Sneak, Archery, Pick Locks
Piercing, Dodge, Acrobatics, Trapping, Poisons, Illusionism

Assassin : Sneak, Poisons, Throwing
Trapping, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Tracking, Dodge, Blunt

Necromancer : Necromancy, Demonology, Curses
Poisons, Sorcery, Arcane Lore, Bone Crafting, Alchemy, Illusionism

Mage : Magery, Elementalism, Arcane Lore
Sorcery, Healing, Defence, Protection, Alchemy, Herbalism

Sorcerer : Sorcery, Illusionism, Elementalism
Alchemy, Magery, Arcane Lore, Demonology, Curses, Herbalism

Healer : Healing, Defence, Protection
First Aid, Magery, Alchemy, Chemistry, Biology, Herbalism

Priest : Healing, Blunt, First Aid
Protection, Dodge, Tailoring, Leadership, Music, Defence

Armorer : Smithing, Leather Working, Tailoring
Blunt, Mining, Engineering, Stone Carving, Wood Crafting, Siege Weapons

Elementalist : Elementalism, Arcane Lore, Illusionism
Magery, Sorcery, Enchanting, Holy, Alchemy, Necromancy

Master of Golems : Golem Crafting, Alchemy, Stone Carving
Engineering, Smithing, Arcane Lore, Magery, Enchanting, Jewel Crafting

Golem Crafter : Golem Crafting, Engineering, Stone Carving
Wood Crafting, Alchemy, Bone Crafting, Chemistry, Mining, Demolition

Scholar : Teaching, Arcane Lore, Biology
Tactics, Music, Scroll Writing, Chemistry, Engineering, Arts

Tactician : Tactics, Leadership, Siege Weapons
Tracking, Teaching, Demolition, Engineering, Mounting, Archery

Tamer : Animal Taming, Music, Leadership
Protection, Healing, Herbalism, Biology, Cooking, First Aid

Artist : Arts, Music, Illusionism
Wood Crafting, Stone Carving, Dancing, Tailoring, Teaching, Jewel Crafting

Sword Dancer : Slashing, Dancing, Acrobatics
Piercing, Dodge, Sneak, Blocking, Mounting, Arts

Farmer : Herbalism, Piercing, Animal Taming
Mounting, Tracking, Wood Crafting, Cooking, Biology, Music

Bard : Music, Arts, Dancing
Leadership, Dodge, Acrobatics, Protection, Healing, Illusionism

Clown : Acrobatics, Trapping, Throwing
Sneak, Dodge, Blunt, Dancing, Mounting, Music

Whew, that was fun. Any more to suggest? As you can see, it's quite easy to create a class with this system.

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